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Vote for salmon!

The federal election currently underway will be critical for wild salmon. The current federal government has pledged to

Don’t Renew in ’22

It came up in a couple of internal documents from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), but

Protecting Fairy Creek

I couldn’t help but notice British Columbia’s slumbering forest movement awakening over the last few years. Busy working

Of jellyfish and mouth rot

We loaded our sampling equipment and camera gear onto Lennie John’s boat, and headed north into his home

In the field with CSI

The smokey brown orange haze from this fall’s wildfires cast an apocalyptic hue over Cermaq’s Clayoquot Sound operations.


Salmon Farming

Sea lions trapped!

You know your story has really taken off when media starts calling—from Poland! Two dozen sea lions trapped in an open-net pen fish farm near

Salmon farms are herring farms

A week ago last Saturday I was at home drinking coffee with Bonny, when the ocean out front began turning turquoise. There had been lots

Fish Farms: Yes or No DFO?

by Dan Lewis with Alexandra Morton Every fall for the past quarter century, I’ve eagerly anticipated the return of Chum salmon spawners to a handful

Stop Cermaq’s Clayoquot Expansion

Wild salmon populations are close to collapse in British Columbia. With all the debate about salmon farming, you’d think fish farm companies would see the


Indigenous Rights

Ahousahts’ vision

Hereditary chiefs typically designate a speaker to speak for them in public. This is because when they say

Alta reflections

The indigenous people of northern Europe are called Sami. They are known for herding reindeer on the tundra.

Spawning sockeye salmon by Claire Watson

On to Norway!

Clayoquot Action will be travelling to Norway this January to put pressure on Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq.

Temperate Rainforests of Clayoquot Sound

Ahousaht logging moratorium

On October 28, the ʔaahuusʔatḥ ḥawiiḥ (hereditary chiefs of Ahousaht) announced a moratorium on industrial scale logging in